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Jennifer Weaver

Jenna is extremely knowledgeable about logistics, layout and creating a cohesive event flow.  She effortlessly manages to keep things on schedule, without ever feeling rushed.  She has a fantastic network of trusted vendors, and you can tell that each of them also enjoys working with her (which is a great bonus, as they value her repeat business and referrals).  I would recommend her for anybody planning an event – large or small, corporate or personal.  She’s just fantastic!


Erik Wenstone

As a groom, it is hard to imagine one-tenth of the work, effort and resources that goes into a wedding. As kids we did not dream of our wedding day, as so many girls often do. So when I was fortunate enough to hear the words “yes” from my now wife, I was somewhat blown away at the details and work that comes to planning such a day. Fortunately for my wife, our families, and myself, we engaged Jenna’s services from the beginning and following that incredible day, I cannot imagine it being the success it was without Jenna being a part of it. In the months leading up to the event, Jenna worked relentlessly behind the scenes working with vendors, negotiating contracts, timeline scheduling, and utilizing her network of professionals to ensure the day would go off without a hitch. The countless hours of work done here allowed my wife and I to continue focusing on our jobs and getting involved as needed with final decisions, but only after Jenna had taken the time to present the most appropriate options within the budget provided. Then the big day arrived and while the work leading up to the wedding was nothing short of superior, this is where Jenna really shined. The big day went off beautifully as Jenna had promised and for that I thank her. She was artistic in her approach in creating the memories my wife and I will have with us always. I have and will continue to refer Jenna to anyway planning a special event, wedding or otherwise. Jenna was the perfect event planner to work with for my wedding! She is creative when you need her to be, and able to work with budgets of all sizes.  


Steve & Marian Nelson

Our daughter Christie had a beautiful wedding/reception in Balboa Park, San Diego. It was a fabulous evening, thanks to Jenna! She was my lifeline to vendors, hotels, transportation, photographers, musicians…. The day of the ceremony was worry free because Jenna handled the timeline, the details, even getting the grandparents back to the hotel! She is creative, organized, punctual, and a pleasure to worth with. Steve and I were free to enjoy our family and our guests! Thank you Jenna, for creating a wonderful memory for us!


Kerry Johnson

I can’t thank Jenna enough for the work she did for our wedding. I consider myself to be a fairly organized gal, but Jenna’s level of organization, professionalism and promptness kept me on track during the entire wedding planning process. She listened to our ideas and provided great advice and suggestions where we needed help. She worked directly with all of the vendors so I didn’t have to, and ensured we got what we wanted from all of them. Best of all, she effortlessly coordinated the day before and day-of wedding activities so my fiance and I just had to show up, and have a good time. I found out several months after my wedding that there were was a hang-up with our transportation company on the day of the wedding, but I had no idea, because Jenna handled it quietly and professionally. To me, my wedding day was absolutely flawless and I can thank Jenna for that. Thank you, Jenna for everything, you are AMAZING!!


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